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CodeCanyon - WordPress Post Planner

CodeCanyon - WordPress Post Planner | 638 KB

Post-Planner is a fully-featured WordPress plugin for made just for you.
Post Planner makes running a multi-author blog a breeze. Need to set a due date for posts? Or assign a post to an author? No problem.
Post Planner is for you even if you don't run a multi-author blog. You can gather research without cluttering up your post drafts and easily insert references, files, and even images into your post.
You can even use Post Planner for any content type. It's not limited to just posts. Do you have a custom post type for Reviews? You can use Post Planner for that too.
It's easy to configure Post Planner to exactly your needs with a comprehensive settings section. There's also plenty of actions and hooks built into the code for use by developers. Plus, the plugin is fully translatable.


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